Giomat Serum KPA Biocomplex is a keratin and panthenol-based reconstrution treatment characterized by a careful choice of active principles. Thanks to its innovative formula it nourishes, hydrates and reconstructs hair, exceptionally ensuring a healthy and vital look.

Furthermore, the action of the agave extracts gives deep nourishment to hair and helps to obtain a perfect hairdo, thanks to the natural “straight effect”, the untangled hair and the new vigour that the natural characteristics of agave donate to hair.

Shampoo Serum KPA Biocomplex

Serum Relax KPA Biocomplex

Serum Repair KPA Biocomplex


The kit contains: Shampoo Serum KPA Biocomplex (250ml.e / 8.45fl. Oz.), Serum Relax KPA Biocomplex (150ml.e / 5.1fl. Oz.), Serum Repair KPA Biocomplex (50ml.e / 1.69fl. Oz.)

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