t6 after-sun moisturizing milk, gives the skin relief and intense hydration. Regular application after sun exposure is able to activate the skin's natural regeneration process, restoring nutrition, softness and elasticity. Tiare Flower Extracts, Aloe Vera, Passionflower and Coconut Oil ensure excellent and deep hydration for a beautiful and long-lasting tan. In addition, the presence of Vitamin E performs an effective defense action against free radicals.


Apply the product to the skin after exposure to the sun. Repeat the application in case of particularly reddened skin

Sun exposure: the effects on the skin

The sun is essential for our life as it affects many bodily functions. It has a positive effect, for example, on mood, on the production of Vitamin D. In excessive doses, however, the sun can cause skin damage such as: sunburn, photodermatitis, acceleration of skin aging, photocarcinogenesis, etc. The harmful effects of the sun on the skin are mainly generated by UV rays.

It is therefore essential to follow some simple rules for proper sun exposure:

- avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day;

- do not expose children and babies to direct sunlight;

- apply on the skin a protection corresponding to your phototype immediately before exposing yourself to the sun and subsequently at constant intervals;

- use a sunscreen even when the sky is cloudy.


Why Tiaré

Tiarè - Summer Therapy combines the pleasantness of cosmetics with the effectiveness of the sun product. Enjoy the energy and beauty of summer in complete safety.


250ml - 8.45 fl Oz.

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